GoldenEar Technology Triton Two+ and Three+ Promotion

Purchase a pair of Triton Two+ or Three+ between August 1st and September 30th 2016 and receive a free pair of Nordost White Lighting speaker cables.

GoldenEar Technology is all about making high-end affordable. GoldenEar’s founders and their engineering team have literally hundreds of years of combined experience. The result is a truly great loudspeaker system that will disappear and the sound will seem to float in the air with tremendously lifelike height, width and depth. We know that you will enjoy and appreciate the result.


Just Read the Reviews!

Triton Two+
“A world-class speaker that performs well beyond its price point, delivering GoldenEar’s sound to perfection” – By Tom Anderson from Home Theatre Shack

Triton Three+
“Sound quality that is by far an overachiever within its class” – By Steven Rochlin from Enjoy The Music


Your Bonus Offer

High-end speaker cables are the perfect companion to these amazing set of speakers. Now is your chance to own a pair of Nordost White Lightning Speaker cables for free.

For every pair of Triton Two+ and Three+ tower speakers purchased during August and September 2016, you will receive a free pair of NORDOST’s WHITE LIGHTNING SPEAKER CABLES. Nordost’s original Flatline loudspeaker cable introduced the audio world to an entirely new level of performance and a unique production technique. Our proprietary, extruded FEP cables, with their thin, flat profile don’t just look different – their deceptive simplicity is a uniquely elegant answer to the conflicting requirements for low resistance, capacitance and inductance that limit the performance of more conventional cable configurations.
(Offer ends 30 September 2016, at participating stores only. White lightning cables are only available in 2m, 3m and 4m)



"Having the Triton Two+ Towers in my dedicated room was a total joy ride. The itch that GoldenEar gave me at CEDIA has been thoroughly scratched by the speaker’s buttery smooth bass drivers, controlled and neutral midrange, and elegantly detailed high frequency capability. Truth be told, the Triton Two+ Towers are a sonic force that your ears deserve to hear. They easily receive my strong stamp of approval – highly recommended. "

− Todd Anderson, Home Theatre Shack

"With elegant visual styling that works within even the best decors, sound quality that is by far an overachiever within its class, and plenty of deep bass for pop music and home theater, the Triton Three+ is a real winning package. Bravo to everyone at GoldenEar Technology for producing one of the industry's best bargains within DSP-enables powered bass floorstanding speaker design. Being one of the smaller models in the Triton range, I can only image what one of the upper line and top models has to offer."

− Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the Music